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Benefits Of Egg White For A Healthy Body

Benefits Of Egg White For A Healthy Body
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In chicken eggs, there are about two-thirds of its contents is clear and in liquid form.. 
We commonly call it as egg white.
However, not that we don't know yet, egg white is full of useful substances which are very important for our body. Equally, if we want to have a healthy and beautiful body.

About 92 percent of the total egg white content is water. The remaining of 8 percent is a mixture of proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins, and glucose. Surprisingly, the protein in egg whites numbering about 148 types, which is vary. In addition, another advantage of egg white is its lack of fat and low of carbohydrate. Generally it all at once only about less than one percent of total.

Some Potential Benefits Of Egg White

In the grain of the egg, the egg white's own existence is to protect the egg yolks while providing extra nutrients. The last function of the egg is a life support for the growth of the embryo when experiencing the conception.

However, there also at the least health benefits of egg white for both women and man;

• Potential to lower blood pressure
Benefits of egg white that is still in the research phase is its potential in lowering blood pressure. Moreover, the study found that one of the compounds found in egg whites have the same effectiveness in lowering blood pressure. Speaking of which, the benefits of this resembles the effects of lowering blood pressure drug captopril.
As for materials that have the potential to lower blood pressure is a peptide compound called RVPSL. In previous research, RVPSL takes role as a substance that is capable of blocking the action of the enzyme modifier angiotensin (angiotensin converting enzyme/ACE).
However, the body produce this enzyme which is capable of increasing the blood pressure.  Even so, there still need more evidence and researches about this.

Benefits Of Egg White For A Healthy Body
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• Intake for muscle growth
Protein content is one virtue of the benefits of egg white for the body.
This makes sense considering the protein intake is an important component in building the body. The egg whites is very good as food substance for athletes and anyone who undergo strength training routine CARB and protein intake. Considering, a which is pretty much needed for growth and repair of muscles of the body. However, the amount of protein and carbohydrates are of course dependent upon activities performing by the corresponding person.

• Clean the skin of the face
You can also apply the egg whites on the outside of the body, such as the face. However, the combination of egg whites, lemon and honey is very good as face masks. Moreover, it is effectively reduce acne or blackheads on the face.
Not to mention, for the skin, white eggs have the potential as a maintainer and fasteners.
In addition, the egg white is also potentially help tighten the pores of the face.
Benefits of egg white other may rarely known as one of the constituents of vaccines, e.g. influenza vaccine. 

Benefits Of Egg White For A Healthy Body
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Despite a myriad of benefits of the egg white, not all people are mean to eat egg whites. However, children, as in toddlers are tend to have certain allergies to eggs, especially the white part. In addition it may cause an allergic reaction, as  in many case there are people experiencing intolerance with egg whites.

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6 Benefits of Swimming for Women

6 Benefits of Swimming for Women
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Swimming is one of many water sport, which is very good in health maintaining.
It can be used to decrease the panic level, depression, and increasing the mood.
Besides of shaping a healthy body, the health benefits of swimming turns out can be considered as fun sport too. 
Nevertheless, swimming can be as hard as any other aerobic sports such as running, bicycling, and so on. 

On top of that, her the other benefits of swimming that are not many people know of;

1. It prevents osteoporosis

Some researches stated that women tend to be more prone to this disease.
One way to prevent it is doing complex sport , such as swimming, which is using almost the joint in the body. 
The purpose of the sport is avoiding the skeleton to be fragile, and weak which is then increases its risk of getting osteoporosis. 

2. Lessen the risk of getting breast cancer

According research in the US, women who are doing sport regularly, have less the chance of getting breast cancer up to 20 %.
Swimming is also highly suggested for women who have history of breast cancer and currently having hormone therapy.
6 Benefits of Swimming for Women
Courtesy of www.vitanona.com

3. Lose weight and have a beautiful figure

This goal is often makes women gone crazy.  
They will go heaven and earth just to lose few of their fats. 
May be they don't know yet, if swimming regularly will help them to gain that dream. 
It even burns over than 500 body calories, and maintaining the body muscles.

4. Decreases the chance of having diabetes

Women who have difficulties of controlling their blood sugar level, and suffering from diabetes type 2, highly  suggested to swim regularly.

5. Preventing depression and stress

Women are prone to stress and depression, since they overly thinking of everything.
They involved heart even when they supposed to use the logical thinking. 
Hence, swimming will exhaust them, even to get anxiety, depress, and moody.

6. Strengthen the uterus

For women who are pregnant, the benefits of swimming can prevent the swollen on the feet as it commons to be happening to pregnant women. It will also increase the shape and the strength of uterus muscles, and hips.
In other words, doing swimming regularly will help the pregnant women to stay health and ease the delivery process when it comes to time.
6 Benefits of Swimming for Women
Courtesy of health.detik.com
So, ladies, what are you waiting for?
If you are not pregnant, you're still get the benefits of swimming to get perfect body, easily, instead of doing complex diet program, which is usually a torture to your appetite.

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11 Amazing Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit for health

 Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit for health
Courtesy of dragon+fruit www.taionetrading.com

The benefits of red dragon fruit -
If you are looking for sweet food and satisfied to your stomach needs, but not gonna make you gain any more of weight, well this is it.
It lacks of complex carbohydrate so it'll be easier to digest by our digestive system.

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Dragon fruit is originally comes from Mexico, along with its spreading, this fruit now is easy to find in many other countries.
Commonly in tropical countries, such as South Asia, Mid Asia, And of course the South East Asia.
It has thick pink red skin. However, there are three kinds of dragon fruits divided by the color of its fruit flesh.

They are red, white and yellow dragon fruit.
It flesh contains some sort of small blackish seeds, similar to kiwi fruits.
There in the seeds, there are lies the lipid, which is very good to support the cell development.
We can eat all the seeds along with the flesh, at once.

The nutrient contents of dragon fruits for health

Here are the nutrition contents of the dragon fruits;
In each of 7 ounce of dragon fruit, it has 2 grams of proteins, 0,4 of fat, 14 grams of carbohydrate, glucose, and fructose.
Not only that, it also has the micro nutrient such as Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and iron which are very beneficial to the body.

The benefits of the dragon fruits for health

Since the dragon fruit has lots of useful substances for the body,
there is no wonder if the dragon fruit health benefits is now very famous among any other fruits.
Besides of its unique and unusual fruit shape, it is considered to be very exotic.

So here are some of the benefits of dragon fruit for health;

1. Prevent constipation

Its probiotic is very useful for our digestive system. it'll fight off any bad bacteria inside the intestine.

2. An escape from anemia

Its iron will help you to cope from anemic situation.
By consuming it regularly, the dragon fruit will help you to maintain your iron level in your blood.
That is one of the reason why dragon fruit is very good for pregnant women.

3. Its a free radical repellent

15 % of your vitamin c needs will full filled by eating this fruit.
It will help us speed up the healing process, anti oxidant and protector from free radicals.
it'll also increase the collagen in the skin which is very useful for rejuvenate the skin cells, forming tendons, ligaments, cartilages, and veins.

4. Maintains the heart health

Red dragon fruits will full fill 10 % the needs of potassium of your body.
This substance is used in supporting the heart work, nerves, and digestive system.

5. Postponing the Osteoporosis

Start consuming the dragon fruit now, before you get old, and it's already too late.
Since the needs of calcium is getting bigger along with your age.
The dragon fruit will provide you 9 grams of calcium in everyday regular consuming.
Calcium is used by the body in forming teeth, skeletons, and strengthen it.

11 Amazing Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit for health
Courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

6. Preventing Hypertension

Hypertension and cholesterol are ghosts for our health.
Those ghost will trigger many dangerous illness to the body.
The good news is, by drinking a glass of dragon fruit juice each day, it'll prevent you from getting any.
It'll also help us to control the blood pressure and cholesterol level in our body.
The seeds, on the other hand, have lots of omega 6 and omega 3 that'll help us to prevent of getting cardiovascular and triglyceride disturbance.

7. It'll increases the body metabolism

Either eat it raw, or make it into juice, dragon fruit will help you to maintain your body health.

8. It can be used as skin treatment

Consume it regularly, then you'll have beautiful skin.
Its vitamin will help us to take care of our skin health, not to mention preventing the early aging.
Use it as face mask every night after you take a shower, and leave it at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

9. Preventing cancer

10. Cure the stomach ache

Stomachache can be a sign of poisoned.
Dragon fruit contains lots of phytoalbumine substance, which is very useful in detoxification.

11. Another option for baby feeding

Make it into juice, and use it to feed your baby, it'll gives the baby all the nutrients they need.
Jut be aware to try first, in case there is any allergies.

11 Amazing Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit for health
Courtesy of www.thealthbenefitsof.com
 Those are some of the health benefits of dragon fruits, especially in this case is the red one.
There is no side effects found yet.
However, after sometimes consuming it, and your urine turns to red, don't be afraid.
it is normal and not dangerous. It is only because of the red color from the fruit.

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The 6 health Benefits of Patrakomala (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)

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Herbs: Patrakomala (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)
Patrakomala (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) originating from South America, which is now has been spread all over the world, especially in the South East Asian countries. It is also called "peacock flower", "patramenggala", "peacock ngigel".
The fruit pods are flattened with a length of 6-12 cm and can be eaten.
Hence, Patrakomala also called as "pea flowers".

The beautifully Patrakomala (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) has many benefits for the healing.
In Indonesia it is mainly become the flower icon of Bandung, West Java.
It is a shrub which has upright stem with a height of 2-4 meters, and usually used as roadside plants and ornamental plants.
The flowers are red and yellow, similar to a peacock tail whenever it is being developed.

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The beautiful Patrakomala turns out has many benefits for the healing.
The flowers contain tannins, gallic acid, benzoic, acid and resin.
The leaves contain alkaloids, saponins, tannins, and calcium okdalat glucoside.
The bark contains Plumbagin, lumbagol, tanning substances, alkaloids, saponins, tannins and calcium okdalat.

Part used as a treatment, are flowers, bark, roots, leaves and fruit.
The flowers are used to treat random periods on women, hit injuries hit, fevers, hot seizures in children and red eyes.
The bark is used for treating diarrhea.
The roots are used to heat seizures in children and fever.
The leaves for flatulence, hepatitis, ulcers, fever and skin diseases.
While fruit is used for treating diarrhea and dysentery.

Some traditional medical herb of this plant, among others, to heat illness seizures in children, heat, acute diarrhea, flatulence, mouth ulcer and hepatitis.

1. Heat cramps in children

Five flowers patrakomala, 1/4 handful leaves of Patrakomala (Caesalpinia pulcherrima), three fingers and three fingers root bark Patrakomala (Caesalpinia pulcherrima).
All material is washed, and then finely ground.
Add salt to taste water into the collisions, then use to rub the neck, back and legs of children.

Image by www.flickr.com

2. Fevers

Patrakomala flower brewed, Drinks to the patient.

3. Acute diarrhea

The mashed bark of Patrakomala (Caesalpinia pulcherrima), add water one glass of wine.
Drink all at once. Repeat the remedies as it necessary.

4. Bloated

Patrakomala  (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) leaves, reeds and garlic.
All the ingredients until finely mashed into a pulp.
Apply to the bloating stomach.

5. Sprue

Patrakomala  (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) leaf brewing. Use boiling water to rinse your mouth.

6. Hepatitis

Patrakomala  (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) leaves cleaned, then boiled.
Drink the water.

Courtesy of oenank.tumblr.com

As the last reminder; pregnant women are forbidden to drink concoctions that use the leaves, flowers, roots or bark of Patrakomala (Caesalpinia pulcherrima. Since it may causes miscarriage.

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11 Health Benefits of Singing, Emotional, and Social

11 Health Benefits of Singing
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With the proliferation of karaoke places, either in the shop or mall, we became more and more frequent singing.
In addition to the event together with some friends, sing it turned out to have many benefits, you know.

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1.  Good for breathing

With singing, you train sideline lung function, so you can breathe more deeply.
Great also for people with asthma, you know.

2.  Improve the quality of sleep

Besides it can reduce the frequency of snoring (it's important!).
If you have a friend who often snoring especially a room mate, forced him/her to sing. A lot.
If the person seems does not confident singing in public, ordered to sing in the shower or shower handles disposable bailer.

Health Benefits of Singing
Image by www.tribunnews.com

3.  Strengthening the immune system

That they are not easy to get sick in the middle of the scorching weather sometimes and sometimes wet as it is now.
But do not necessarily challenge the weather by intentionally playing around under the rain.
Since, yes, it gets you cold in no time.
Always use an umbrella or a raincoat.
In fact, benefits of singing to babies, is that it makes the babies feel more comfortable and it enhance their immune system developing.

4.  Tighten the skin

It is a natural anti aging therapy, since it releases endorphine which is makes you happy.
As the result, you know, the happy person never gets old, at least not so fast. :)
Not to mention it is free, cheap and you can do it any time, almost in anywhere.
But again, should you aware when and where are you doing it.
Even though it is free.

5.  Improve posture

It's just not possible right you sing in a state bent or turned upside down?
(Exception for the latter Pink likes to sing in a state upside down).
Definitely your body upright.
And if so accustomed to the posture of your body in the long run would be nice.


6.  Increase confidence

Especially if it turns a nice voice, surely you will reap accolades from your friend's apartment.
As a result, you become more confident.
Benefits of singing in the shower is besides it will increase your confidence, somehow. It also will make your shower time be more joyful. :)

7.  Improve mood and reduce stress

It is because whenever you are singing, it is somehow release the endorphine hormone from within our body. Hence, it is one of the simplest way reducing stress.
It is a hormone that make us feel comfortable and excited. But, anyway, you should pick the song which is suitable for your moody.

8.  Stimulating creativity

Do not be surprised if the musicians are generally creative persons.
It is because singing is indeed stimulate our right brain, you know.

Health Benefits of Singing
Image by  www.friso.co.id


9.  Expanding the association or friendship

Say you have an account SoundCloud or YouTube. Try it, upload the recording you there.
With its wide network of both audio and video sharing website that your voice can be heard together people from different parts of the world.
In fact, it could be one of the media to get a friend from some places far away.
Who knows of a fad not upload recordings prizes there, you could be a YouTube artist such as Madilyn Bailey, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui.

10.  Deepen friendship

Singing with others, either alone or bring the entire village just like in the Indian film, can enhance the emotional connection and solidarity among its members.

11.  Event to channel our aspirations

As social beings, we certainly want our voice to be heard.
Either because we are concerned with certain issues, or simply just want to exist.
Most of the songs are telling us about something. Feelings, Certain situations, funny stories, poetry, almost every thing.
It is often said that a song is a beautiful way to tell a story.
Can't go wrong, can it?

11 Health Benefits of Singing
Image by  lifestyle.sindonews.com
There you go, 11 health benefits of singing, either in public or private places you like the most.
The effects are mostly about just the same. It gets you healthy, happy and live your life in a different way.

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15 Health Benefits of the Exotic Uncaria Gambir

Image by petanipengusaha.blogspot.com
 Efficacy Gambir (Uncaria gambier) believed powerful enough to treat all kinds of diseases. In many source, Gambier, Uncaria gambir common name, benefits can be used to cure wounds, dysentery. toothache, canker sores, cat's claw lyme disease and skin diseases. And to justify the information, under the noodles we've summarized the little information that might be helpful and add a bit of knowledge about medicinal plants in around neighborhood.
Gambir (Latin name Uncaria gambier Roxb.) Is obtained and plant sap Gambier. Use was largely for material for chewing and herb-rich usability. It noodles because anti oxidant sap gambier contains a lot of good for health. Historically, Gambier  (Uncaria gambir) allegedly originated and Sumatra(Celebes) and Kalimantan (Borneo). But for now it is widely cultivated in many Gambier plantation in Malay Peninsula, and also small country Singapore.

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Characteristics and description of plants can be identified by shrubs and a half vine or creeper. Stems elongated, flat and four shaped stems. Its bark covered with dun curved like a hook. The opposite with its Single leaf, it's oval, somewhat shiny green color. While the compound interest in the head, crowned with red color and short sheath funnel-shaped flowers. Its fruiting capsule is divided into two parts and multiple seeds.

Image by bangaoo.blogspot.com
There are many substances we can found inside it.
Citing and various sources, noodles plant has a compound in the form of catechins, alkaloids, flavonold, saponmn, tanner substance, and tannins.
And the content is good enough properties for the body, especially for health and beauty, what is Gambier used for, as stated follows;

1. Characteristically anti-histamine that is useful to prevent allergies.
2. Accelerate the healing of wounds, especially burns.
3. Smooth digestive system associated with stomach and intestines functions.
4. herbal medicine to overcome a headache or dizziness.
5. Stopping diarrhoea or better known as diarrhea.
6. Treating dysentery or defecation accompanied by pus and mucus.
7. Cure ulcer disease or related diseases of the stomach.

IMage by gambircentre.wordpress.com

8. Prevent early aging especially in delaying the destruction of the skin.
9. Good natural mouthwash to eliminate bad breath and Bacterial mouth.
10. The powerful antioxidants to ward off free radicals and also strengthen the immune system.
11. Clean your face and pimples and blackheads on the nose.
12. The natural remedy to cure skin diseases.
13. Relieve the symptoms thrush, chapped lips and sore throat.
14. Maintaining dental health, especially for people who like to chew lime betel powder.
15. Treating hepatitis and liver wound healing.

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Another benefits of sap Gambier (Uncaria gambir) also used in triplex board manufactures is as adhesives and additives for textile dyes. So it is concluded that this plant is very worthy of our cultivated so that non-existent and the benefits can be sustainable.

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14 Healthy Food for the Eyes

Image by www.mobileeyedoctor.us
 Millions of people today are suffering from eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Actually, it could have been prevented if you enter some food menu is good for the eyes to the daily diet. The types of foods that have lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and antioxidants can protect your eyes from the disease. The tips for healthy eyes is to maintain the health of the eyes itself. By eating good foods for eyesight, rest your eyes properly, maintain the light situation, etc, are one of many easy ways to maintain the health of the eyes.
Here are foods that can protect and make your eyes more healthy and avoid disease.

1. Carrots

Everyone would know that carrots are good food for eye health. Carrots itself is a source of vitamin A and beta carotene which is very good for overall eye health. Vitamin A itself functions protect the surface of the eye, while beta carotene helps to protect eye cells from free radical damage.

2. Salmon

Just like other types of oily fish, salmon is a source of omega-3 is important for eye health. Consuming salmon regularly can reduce the risk of macular degeneration by 38 percent. In addition, salmon is also very effective for those who have problems of dry eye disease. Salmon is also a source of vitamin D is excellent for improving the health of the eye and the heart.
Image by 7eeye.com

3. Green Vegetables

Kale, spinach, mustard greens, and other green vegetables are a source of a powerful antioxidant. The content of zeaxanthin and lutein in it is an excellent nutrient for the macula. The macula itself is a small part of the retina of the eye which is tasked to protect your eyes from sun rays. Antioxidants present in green vegetables absorbs blue light that is harmful to the retina of the eye. As addition is the Broccoli contains a lot of vitamin C, calcium, lutein, zeaxanthin, and sulforaphane.

4. Corn

Corn became one of the vegetables were delicious and very healthy when consumed. Yellow corn itself is very rich in zeaxanthin and lutein and antioxidants. Premises regularly consume corn, decreased risk of cataracts and prevent the loss of a yellow pigment that is in the eye.

5. Olive Oil

The main reason why olive oil is very beneficial for your eyes. Mix a little olive oil into salad mixture in order to absorb all the nutrients from tomatoes and green vegetables.

6. Tomato

Tomatoes are a source of carotenoids, lycopene, and antioxidant compounds. A study showed that lycopene may protect the retina and other eye area of ​​light-induced damage. Lycopene also may help protect cells from damage and help to prevent cancer of the prostate, stomach and lungs. Tomato also has a lot of vitamin C that helps protect your eyes. In addition, vitamin C serves accelerate wound healing, protect your body from free radical damage, and increases the absorption of iron from plant foods the most.
Image by tedmaser.com

7. Sweet Potatoes

The last meal was good for eye health is the sweet potato. Sweet potato is a source of beta-carotene as carrots. In addition, sweet potatoes also contain vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, manganese and potassium, all of which are good for eye health.

8. Garlic

Garlic contains selenium, vitamin C and quercetin. Other than that the food was very good for overall body health

9. Avocado

Avocados are one type of fruit that contain very many nutrients than others. Very good for the body, including the eye. Avocados contain lutein, which is very high.Lutein is an essential nutrient for preventing cataracts and macular degeneration. Other substances contained in avocados are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E.

10. Sunflower seed

The type of food that is often so these snacks contain a lot of selenium and vitamin E, which can prevent cataracts and other eye disorders. It turns out that sunflower seed is now becoming one of the best food for healthy eyes. The type of food that is often so these snacks contain a lot of selenium and vitamin E, which can prevent cataracts and other eye disorders.

11. Dark Chocolate

Flavonoids substance in dark chocolate can protect blood vessels in the eye so keeping the cornea and retina. Often consume these foods can make the vision become sharper.

12. Eggs

Some important nutrients that are beneficial to nourish the eye such as lutein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc, and cysteine. All the vitamins and minerals in the egg white is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.


Vitamins in bananas is very varied, one of which is vitamin A and C that support eye health.

14. Strawberry

This gorgeous fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and folate. Various nutrients in fruits strawberry are able to maintain healthy blood vessels in the eye.

Image by www.crous-montpellier.fr
See the world through the eye. It's not that the blind cannot see at the same thing, but wasting such as great gift from up above is also a shame thing to do. Thus, eating healthy food for eyesight is a must.